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Sally Bolderson: Music

Follow Me

(Sally Bolderson)
January 4, 2008
Jackie Malt
In this song, Jackie really brings to light the struggles we encounter in our desires to be holy and the pains that it causes our God. But despite it all, He is there calling us to follow Him and allow Him to carry the burden.
1. Time and time again, I turn away from Him; contented and complacent to stay within my sin. He reaches down from heaven, offering me a way. Be still my child and listen and then I hear him say.
REFRAIN: Follow me, this very night, follow me, my burden's light. Follow me, I am the way. I'll rescue you, this very day...Follow me.
2. The burdens of this world so tangible and so real. Possess and cloud my thoughts, confusing the way I feel. Stumbling in the darkness, beaten and full of shame. I bring to Him no honor, still He just calls my name.
3. I crucify His memory with every poor choice I make. My struggle to be holy causes my heart to ache. I hear the nails pounding into His gentle hands. Lay your burdens on me, my Savior and Lord commands.