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Sally Bolderson: Music

Sing His Praise

(Sally Bolderson)
January 4, 2008
Jackie Malt
My dear friend, Jackie, wrote this song (along with 2 others on my cd). As I discussed the project she said she would love it if I would consider singing some songs that she wrote. She is a mom of 3 beautiful daughters and a son and is way too busy and just wanted to get these messages out. Thanks, Jackie! The songs are great.
1. I am but a breath, a breeze on the earth; reaching up to heaven from my day of birth. My days number few, in all I do God looks down watching over me and you.So with courage I step from my bed. Hallelujahs running through my head.
REFRAIN: I want to praise Him. I live to serve Him. Be pleasing to His eye, until the day I die, I only wish to love him. To sing with adoration. Spread the gospel to each nation. Wherever I may roam until He calls me home, I only want to love Him...and sing praise.
2.The race I begin, the crown I run to win, may all I do, be pleasing unto Him. I count it all as loss, fix my eyes on the cross. I rise to see the finish line I'll cross. His truth keeps me marching along. Hallelujahs echo as my song.