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Sally Bolderson: Music

My Sweet Child

(Sally Bolderson)
January 4, 2008
Chris & Terry Shepherd with Sally Bolderson
This song originated with a poem written by Terry Shepherd reflecting her feelings of an abortion she had in her past. Her husband, Chris put it to music and approached me about singing it since it would have more impact coming from a woman. I told him, "yes." I feel that maybe by sharing these gut feelings in hindsight, we could maybe prevent someone from taking that step in the first place.
1. My child, my child; you were gone much too soon. I heard you cry, I ran into an empty room. My child, my child, was that an echo of your voice? I was confused, and didn't know where to turn.
REFRAIN: Sweet child of mine, I know your name. Sweet child of mine, I'll never be the same. I sing sweet lullabies, but your not here. I whisper your name and long to hold you. My child, sweet child, my child.
2. My child, my child; I long to see your face, to hold your hand and feel your soft embrace. My child, my child, I want to hear your voice. I was too weak, to make the right choice.
BRIDGE: But I made the choice, and feel the pain; for souls never die. I can't return ant make it right. But the world must hear this cry!