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Sally Bolderson: Music

Choose to Love

(Sally Bolderson)
January 4, 2008
Sally Bolderson
Jesus continuously taught that we are to reach out to the lowly, to those in need. If we are to truly be disciples of Christ, then that is what we must do. I have always tried to be in the moment, not dwelling on yesterday, and trying not to be concerned too much about the future. I try to look at each person I meet and understand their circumstance, understand their reality as a child of God. We need to always remember that we are here today, but there is no guarantee of a tomorrow so please use this day to it's fullest and be an awesome child of God.
REFRAIN: Live today as though it were your last Look all around, extend a helping hand. In every soul created from above; we find our God, when we choose to love. We find our God, when we choose to love.
1. You see a little child, crying and alone. Reach out your hand to wipe away the tear. Standing on the corner, no place to call home, stands a lonely man hurting and alone.
2. She is torn and so confused, not knowing what to do. Teach her to respect herself and keep her body pure. For the person who is different, who just does not fit in, that someone else will notice that they could be their friend.
BRIDGE: Every moment is a gift, sent from God above. Rejoice and make the most of it and share the gift of love.