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Sally Bolderson: Music

My Jesus, My Friend

(Sally Bolderson)
January 4, 2008
Sally Bolderson
As I was going through some of the usual struggles of life, I came to realize that Jesus is always with me despite all of the challenges...he's there for me, for us through the good and the bad, just like a great friend!

Refrain: My Jesus, my friend, you are all I ever need. No matter what life brings, your love will never end. And I look to you - my Jesus, my friend.

1. Sometimes there is sadness when there are only tears. I lean upon your shoulder, knowing you are near.
2. Life can be so difficult, the load too hard to bear. Then you come to carry me, and take away the fear.
Bridge: You love me just the way I am, as only friends can do. You never turn your back on me, your love for me is true.
3. Then there is coincidence, what life falls into place; in perfect, peaceful harmony full of hope and grace.