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Sally Bolderson: Music

Fulfill the Will of the Lord

(Sally Bolderson)
January 4, 2008
Sally Bolderson
This song is adapted from Chapter 15 of the "Imitation of Christ" by Thomas A. Kempis.
1. Grant me your grace, O Lord; remain and labor with me. Help me desire what is pleasing to you.
REFRAIN: Fulfill the will of the Lord. Fulfill the will of the Lord. It shall not be my will, but Your will be done.
2. Let me know your will, my Jesus and then I can make it mine, and turn away from what displeases you.
3. Grant that I will turn away from every worldly thing; so I may decrease and find my rest in you.
BRIDGE: My life is hard without You here, but with you I find peace. You are the one and only one, eternal and supreme.