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Sally Bolderson: Music

I Am Not Worthy

(Sally Bolderson)
January 4, 2008
Sally Bolderson
This is the first song I ever wrote which was inspired during XLT Eucharistic Adoration. The Lord started speaking these words to me and I grabbed an envelope and pen from my purse and here it is!
Written by Sally Bolderson

Lord, I am not worthy for the love You give, but only say the word to make me whole again. (Repeat)

In my human weakness, I have failed you Lord. Yet your love and your forgiveness, I can feel deep in my soul. Lord you took away my sin, but the guilt it overwhelms me. I want to love you totally without these sins that bind me.

My God, you are my Savior; you catch me when I fall. I will open up my heart to you and listen for your call. Thank you for your patience, Lord as I learn to trust in you; for I know the awesome power of your compassion and your truth.